USLAN is an R&D, Engineering, Consulting, Manufacturing, Import, Export and Trading company. Operating in the Technopark of Gaziantep University, USLAN produces technological solutions for the synthetic textile industry.

USLAN conducts Resarch & Development projects.

Textile Machinery Trade is also in the main business areas of USLAN.

USLAN works in close cooperation with textile and machinery manufacturers. It carries out complete turnkey projects and provides installation and installation of production facilities. Machine automation, program software, import and export are also within the fields of USLAN.

Our Mission

Turkey and the production of synthetic textile machinery production with the proper equipment to technological developments in the Middle East to the center and to contribute to the formation of arginine has set out with the idea of ​​consciousness.

Our Vision

With the idea of ​​USLAN “Your earnings are our earnings”, R&D aims at synergistic cooperation and growth from its staff to its customers by offering its experience in engineering, manufacturing and automation to its customers.